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​About Horsens Spån Teknik A/S

HST A/S was founded in 1991 by David Nielsen. Through a focused strategy, we can today offer an ultra modern fatory a 1800 M2, where w have modern CNC machines for any purpose, and our employees value good quality and craftmanship.

We have been ISO 9001 og 14001 certified since 2010

In the year 2010 the target was to get ISO certification - ISO 9001 for quality and iSO14001 for enviromental and management built up a good export to many countries, we act as subcontractors for many customers in countries as Norway,Sweden, Schweiz (Cern), France, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Indien, USA.

​In 2015 we have plans for more machinery and we have i april launched a small Haas VF ss.

In january 2014 we start up our biggest machine a HAAS ST40-L with work area Ø648 og X-2000 mm, with hydraulic support in working area with 10 mm and up to Ø350 mm.

To support the file manager from the customers CAD systems, we have early in 2009 initiated a complete update of GibbsCAM for programming of our machining centers with 4 axes, and full use of palettes ans lathes with up to 5 axes.

Annual update of our CAD programs.

In the milling department, we have in 2010 installed a Mazak VTC-20B to the general expansion of capacity in the department. The machine is connected to GibbsCAM v.2011

Among the news in 2009, we have particular launched a Mazak Intergrex 300 - 2y with a turning length of 1500mm, 40 tool stations and connected to Gibbs.

For deburring of parts installed a vibration deburr tool type ReniCirillo with Ø1000 in the bowl.

Our CAD systems are continously updated

To support the file manager from the customer's CAD systems, we have early 2009 initiated a complete update of GibbsCAM for programming of our machining centers with 4 axes, and full use of palettes and lathes with up to 5 axes.


These measures increase the company's adaptability , so we can quickly adapt to new productions , while ensuring that quality is top notch .

Our GibbsCAM software ensures you, that the items we deliver correspond 100 % to customer requirements from CAD drawings. Together with our skilled employees ensures you both quick and safe delivery.

The aforementioned measures also means, that an increasing number of companies are using us as a solid supplier of spare parts.

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The supplier of the future in CNC work

Our extensive experience with CNC machining of items in, for example, plastics and metal, combined with modern CNC machines, has made us a permanent subcontractor for many companies, and we work with short delivery deadlines.

Horsens Spån Teknik A/S

Since 1991, Maskinfabrikken Horsens Spån Teknik A / S in Ølsted has supplied quality within CNC machining.

We offer both turning and milling to the wind turbine and offshore industries throughout Denmark and abroad.

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​Horsens Spån Teknik A/S

Ny Kirkevej 2, Ølsted, 8723 Løsning

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Phone: +45 7565 2469

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