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At Horsens Spån Teknik A/S we know the importance of high quality, parts delivered on time om agreed price, with us you can expect a little bit more.

We would like to highlight particular:

  • Temperature controlled measuring room
  • Measuring Machine 3-D CNC
  • Measuring Machine 2 -D
  • Collection Program for collection and processing of measurement data.
  • Surfce ruoghness meter with option for printing
  • Standard threaded mandrels and threaded rings, good / bad all certified.
  • All measuring tools are calibrated according to international standards and certification to ensure full traceability
  • Quality manual according to ISO 9001:2015 certificering (certifikat nr.197254-DANAK)
  • Environmental certificate according to ISO14001:2015 (certifikat nr.168193-DANAK)​

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The supplier of the future in CNC work

Our extensive experience with CNC machining of items in, for example, plastics and metal, combined with modern CNC machines, has made us a permanent subcontractor for many companies, and we work with short delivery deadlines.

Horsens Spån Teknik A/S

Since 1991, Maskinfabrikken Horsens Spån Teknik A / S in Ølsted has supplied quality within CNC machining.

We offer both turning and milling to the wind turbine and offshore industries throughout Denmark and abroad.

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​Horsens Spån Teknik A/S

Ny Kirkevej 2, Ølsted, 8723 Løsning

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Phone: +45 7565 2469

E-mail: info@hst.dk

Weekdays 08.00 - 16.00